lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

Las marionetas del poder

The problem of politics is that it tends to be mixed with corruption. I really believe that politicians are only puppets of the economy. I think that they can’t really make any decisions. They’ve got no power to decide. They say they can decide but they cannot.
min. 03:34

There are of course a lot of countries in South America, and when we go there, we’ve been there a lot of times, we began to understand pretty soon that the real boarder is not between 2 countries its between the city and the countryside. They are two different worlds. In South America, everywhere actually, we generally only play in big cities. But we were touring a lot in South America and realised that we were totally missing a very important world – the countryside.
min. 05:08

Manu Chao

Entrevista de Marwenna Parkyn para Greenpeace Berlin